Hells Gate Excite Experience &

Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland

Tour Summary


​Experience a land where myth and legend come to life, where the earth boils, mud heals, and steam disappears into the clouds above.

Tour Highlights


  • Enjoy a scenic drive through lush countryside with opportunity for photo stops

  • Explore the incredible Lady Knox geyser eruption with heights of 10 to 20 metres

  • Explore the amazing Wai-o-Tapu Thermal Wonderland geothermal walk including the truly fascinating champagne pool

  • Discover surreal beauty and dramatic geothermal landscapes

  • Visit Hell's Gate - home of active mud volcanoes, land coral and erupting water

  • Hell's Gate Excite Experience - geothermal walk, geothermal mud baths and sulphur spas

Tour Inclusion


  • Fully guided return transfers from Auckland

  • Complimentary pick up and drop off from Auckland CBD

  • Complimentary refreshments and water on board

  • Access to Wi-Fi on board for a small surcharge

  • A local English-speaking tour escort throughout the tour

  • Luxurious temperature controlled transportation in a minibus

  • Entry to self-guided experience at Wai-o–Tapu  thermal wonderland

  • Entrance to Lady Knox Geyser

  • Hell's Gate Excite Experience including geothermal walk which takes between one and one and a half hours, as well as Māori carving. 

  • Bathe in world-famous mud baths and soak in the sulphur spas and cool plunge pool.  

Tour Description

Experience a land where myth and legend come to life, where the earth boils, mud heals, and steam disappears into the clouds above. The drive from Auckland to Rotorua is a very common North Island route planned into New Zealand itineraries for visitors exploring by road. The travel time to Rotorua takes about 3 hours from Auckland city. While driving from Auckland to Rotorua takes a few hours, the trip will fly by with these awesome stop-offs - plus the drive from Auckland to Rotorua is also filled with amazing scenery! New Zealand's most colourful geothermal attraction - just a short drive from Rotorua.


An area in which the landscape has been sculptured by geothermal activity and where unique volcanic features can be viewed from well-defined tracks. More than just a place of myth and legend, this land has the power to heal and excite anyone who meets it, just as it’s done for centuries. Come and discover New Zealand’s most unique geothermal experience. Experience this land like our ancestors have done for centuries. Discover its beauty, its healing properties and its awe-inspiring power.

Thermal Wonderland is a series of brightly coloured geothermal pools, stinky sulphur mud baths and explosive geysers, directly in the middle of this volcanic zone. Our first destination is Wai-O-Tapu - Thousands of Years in the Making... "One of the 20 Most Surreal Places in the World"

Explore spectacular nature at New Zealand's most colourful natural volcanic park. Walks through this unique geothermal area take between 30 and 75 minutes and provide a wide range of amazing photo opportunities at unique features including the world famous Champagne Pool, naturally coloured hot and cold springs,  bubbling mud, steaming ground, expansive vistas, huge volcanic craters and sinter terrace formations. 

The natural bush setting, the Lady Knox Geyser erupting daily at 10.15 am and the nearby ever active "Mud Pool" add other dimensions to the experience, the distinct sulphur smell, similar to that of rotting eggs will accompany you throughout your visit to this fascinating natural wonder.  

Within a short drive we move to our second destination – Have a devilishly good time at Hells Gate excite experience. Come along and you’ll soon discover why Hell’s Gate is New Zealand’s most unique and active geothermal reserve and mud spa.

  • Where the Earth Excites and Inspires

  • Naturally-heated waters with invigorating properties

  • Mineral-rich mud bath to soften your skin for weeks


Enjoy this thermal wonder land with our interactive guided or self-guided tour before relaxing in the geothermal mud and sulphur waters. Get down and dirty in a mud bath or unwind in a Sulphur spa overlooking a spectacular geothermal landscape, before cooling off in a beautiful spring-fed waterfall and plunge pool. Featuring hot-water lakes, New Zealand’s largest mud volcano and the largest hot water waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere, the Hells Gate Valley is the place to be for an indulgent experience that is almost sinful. With the only geothermal mud baths in New Zealand, the Hell’s Gate Spa is a highly therapeutic experience. You can slather yourself in the warm geothermal mud before jumping in the sulphur pool – with minerals that help to clear and detoxify.

This amazing landscape will captivate your imagination as it bubbles with heat and history. The complimentary Māori carving area lets you leave with a little piece of Māori culture. We hope you enjoy experiencing all the Rotorua geothermal attractions.

Tour Requirements

  • A minimum of 3 people are required for this tour to depart.

  • If the guest has had or is suffering from any of the following medical conditions, we strongly advise that they seek advice from their doctor prior to using the geothermal pools. The list of medical conditions below is not an exhausted list but serves to highlight some of the main medical conditions where the geothermal pools may not be advised: Pregnancy, Low or High Blood Pressure, Mobility Problems, Active or Under Active Thyroid, Verruca/ Warts, Heart Conditions, Epilepsy, Skin diseases/disorders, Diabetes, Metal Pins/ Plates, Claustrophobia, Ear Infections, Cancer, Recent Surgery, or Sulphur Allergies.

  • Lengthy immersion in the hot pools may cause dehydration and fainting. Please remain hydrated at all time by drinking the water available in the spa facilities and inform staff immediately if any discomfort is felt. When exiting the pool, take care and use the handrails provided.

  • The mud baths are suitable for children over the age of 2.5 years, whereas the Sulphur spas are suitable for children over the age of 6 months.

  • It is important that children (as well as adults) drink water while bathing in order to keep hydrated.

  • Both children and adults need to be comfortable with the heat, and Hell’s Gate recommends taking regular breaks to ensure overheating does not occur.

  • All infants must wear bathing suits or disposable nappies whilst bathing.

  • Sulphur will tarnish jewellery, particularly silver. Please remove all jewellery before entering the pools as Hell’s Gate accepts no responsibility for tarnished jewellery. As skin pores will still exude sulphur for up to 24 hours after the experience, jewellery may slightly tarnish. If this occurs, remove the jewellery and clean with toothpaste in order to remove the tarnishing. Please note this is done at your own risk.


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